Innovate your design of an outdoor kitchen with a top of the line RH Peterson Product. We offer American Outdoor Grill "AOG"  as well as the prestigious FireMagic product line. Either product will give your outdoor kitchen or patio top professional quality and sexy appeal you would come to expect all at affordable prices.  
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AOG 24" Patio Post
AOG 24" IG 
Patio Post
AOG 24" Portable
AOG 36" Build In
AOG 24" Build In
AOG 36" Portable
FM e790 Diamond
w/ Dual Side

FM e790 Diamond
w/ Single Side
AOG Pre-Fab Island DC430-BS-60B
AOG Pre-Fab Island DC790-BS-84B
FM Pre-Fab Island 36" Aurora
FM e1060s Lifestyle
FM e1060slg Lifestyle
FM e790i Lifestyle